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Walnut School Management Software Bahrain is a web-based and mobile application designed to manage the day-to-day functions of schools, colleges, and universities. It is a Cloud-based School ERP solution that will provide an updated mobile application for teachers, students, and parents to assist users in logging in anywhere and anytime. This way, the accessibility to this system is significantly increased. It can help you reach a whole computerized interaction with front and backend Administration and information administration activities of all the educational bases, such as Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Walnut school has several modules to manage and manage, for instance, Fees Management Timetable, Attendance, Exams news, Hostel Libraries Transportation school calendar, events, etc. It has also recently released the latest version, which comes with a fully all-inclusive Human Resource module to manage employee payroll and pay slips. The Finance module allows to design and allocate fees for students. Walnut school School’s ERP system is also a great collaboration tool, thanks to the task Priority feature. Additionally, there is an internal message system in Walnut School that will help Teachers, Students, and parents to communicate with one another.

Student Academic Management Bahrain | School | College | Institute | University

Walnut Microsoft’s HTML0-Walnut School Administration Program Bahrain will assist the students in managing all Academic Management tasks by coordinating all operational tasks to achieve the desired outcomes throughout their careers. This will result in a more positive learning environment and a better learning culture for students and the school administration. They will be closer to their goal.

The Academic Management module has been created to provide more significant opportunities for growth by facilitating an efficient and smooth process of the entire academic process. It will provide more ease to operational tasks and transform your academic system into a highly desired digital framework. Educational ERP is an Education ERP module fully integrated with academic functions and tools for managing education, which will aid in achieving more effective student results.

Student Finance Management Bahrain | School | College | Institute | University

Walnut’s School Finance Management module has been specifically designed for the educational industry to offer a comprehensive College and School Finance framework that allows an Institute to create flawless fee management with precise ledger layout and ledger entries with an easy-to-use user interface. This makes the whole procedure quick and error-free. Fees are immediately recorded in one central location to make them easier to reference. Furthermore, it tackles the challenges of financial and bookkeeping efficiently. It has everything a reputable institution needs to be working on in theĀ 

School Financial Management ERP.

The success of a project is contingent on the ability to collect and utilize financial information naturally. Fundaments that are appropriately taken care of include the correct arrangement of the required financial information. In conjunction with the financial aspect of essential decision-making, specific rules, laws, and methods are often generally characterized in education.

Student Fees Management Bahrain | School | College | Institute | University

Walnut School Education Management has created its fee management system to automatically take care of all the tasks. It’s able to calculate the fees for every student. Additionally, despite its automated capabilities, it’s flexible in calculating different types of fees. There are a variety of fee categories that students can choose. Additionally, it calculates the pending fees, fees that have been paid, information, deductions, and scholarships if relevant to the students.

Users can also pay more than one fee term if appropriate. The school administrator can manage a custom fee structure. After payment of fees, it generates an automated receipt for fees and mails it to the email ids of the related students. The primary function of school ERP is that at any given point in the Administration, the administrator can check how many fees students have due and unpaid with section and class data sorting. The school fees Management System is the primary component of the education ERP System.

Student Scholarship Programmed Bahrain | School | College | Institute | University

There is no formality required. The online Scholarship Program allows students to apply and submit the application electronically. This increases the likelihood of having more flexible accessibility and reduces the chance of mistakes, thereby assuring the efficiency of the flow of Scholarship Applications within the school ERP. The Administration will establish Student Scholarship Programs that assist students in receiving financial aid to complete their studies.

The module will offer a variety of functions like Online Registration of students, allocating a unique registration number to all students, determining qualifications for the application for scholarship, simple and speedy processing and publication of students selected, Confirmation of scholarship amounts accepted by institutions and students and SMS notification to students parents/Students on approval and disbursement of the amount, multiple processing of applications, Creation of a list of applicants, award Registration, Proceedings, etc.

Student Attendance Management Bahrain

Walnut School Management Software Bahrain is an ERP System that controls all functionalities of the students and Teachers. One of the modules in Walnut School School ERP is Attendance Management. It’s efficient enough that it is compatible with biometric devices. What can create reports for absent or present Teachers, students, and non-teaching staff? Additionally, who will identify those arriving late through an effective attendance system?

What will also send notifications to the parent of the student if they are absent on a specific date, along with specific information about the time of attendance? For their children. Therefore, this fantastic attendance management Software offers parents complete information about their children’s having a day off from college or school. It’s a Management System for training purposes to monitor student data. Information Systems for Students Information Systems allow for the enrollment of students in practical classes as well as capturing grading transcripts and the consequences of student assessment scores and tests, creating student plans and tracking student participation, and supervising other related information requirements in the school.

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E School Management Software Bahrain

The perfect integration of School Management System Bahrain features with Android and iOS Apps.

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  • 250 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 2GB storage space
  • 3 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 500 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 4 GB storage space
  • 4 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 1000 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 6 GB storage space
  • 5 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 1500 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 8 GB storage space
  • 5 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us

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