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Full Management suite

All in One Solution



Powerful dashboard provide overview of logged in user account


Front End

Create front-end website (Responsive Design) with minimal efforts


Mobile Apps

Link all processes with Android and Apple apps



Multi-Language application (En, Ar, Fr)

What is School Management Software?

School management software is the new platform for integrating cutting-edge technology in education. The platform can be capable of managing the school’s administration activities, which makes them more efficient. The extensive features of the school management system software Oman don’t just make it easier for the institution’s staff but also simplify the main features like the payment of fees and academic timetable scheduling results declaration. School administrators can focus on other productive activities, such as increasing the student enrollment rate and incorporating new learning methods, as they are freed from the stress of managing their workload.

What Is The Importance Of The School Management Software?

In the present, managing and directing institutions, especially educational ones, has become a grueling and challenging task. Many academic and other jobs require precise planning, the date that the administration process is controlled, and a methodical approach to support students and their teachers, parents, and even the school’s administration. Walnut School Management System Software Oman is an effective tool to control all of your administrative duties by integrating all your administrative tasks into one system.

The Most Important Features Of School ERP Software

Walnut School ERP Software offers you anytime accessibility anywhere, ensuring an efficient academic process. Walnut efficiently manages your day-to-day administrative tasks, including grades, student attendance, exam & result, payroll and Employee fees and accounts, certificates, Front office transportation, Hostel Canteen, Library, etc. Walnut provides an integrated solution, including integrated SMS mobile App, a Biometric online payment Gateway, Tally Integration, Barcode Online Exam, and more. It also fulfills a requirement of a complete ERP system for effortless school management. Walnut school software’s robust report-writing and analysis tool makes your campus paperless and automated. You are ultimately saving time, money, and costs.

How Much Does A School Software Cost?

A comprehensive school software offers different modules to perform essential functions. There are distinct modules for academic, administrative scheduling, student management, payroll, and more. Some institutes don’t require all automation capabilities; therefore, at Walnut, we can customize school software programs and permit schools to choose modules according to their requirements. Pay-per-module models prove to be cost-effective since you don’t need to buy the entire program. Instead, you pay for the modules you need.

Cloud-Based School Management Software Secure?


Automate and simplify the school management process using cloud-based software for school administration without compromising security! Cloud-based school ERP includes automatic backups centralized database, eliminating data loss risks. The access control is based on roles and manages the entire system effectively. Please choose from our selection of safe solutions that most effectively meet the needs of the multitude of students!


Enhance Productivity

Walnut School aids administrators of colleges, schools, and institutes in boosting their efficiency and decreasing the time and effort of managing educational institutes.


Accessible and Easy to Use

It's a web-based app that provides a central data repository, allowing students, teachers, parents, and other users to access their data from anywhere and at any time.


Secure Environment

Using data encryption technology, we offer safe data protection on Educate Pro.



The simple to use features of the Walnut School can assist schools, colleges, and institutes in their proper operation by reducing their time and administrative costs

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E School Management Software Oman

The perfect integration of School Management System Services features with Android and iOS Apps.

All packages include main features



  • 250 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 2GB storage space
  • 3 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 500 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 4 GB storage space
  • 4 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 1000 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 6 GB storage space
  • 5 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us



  • 1500 users included
  • Private Domain (Website)
  • Private Mobile APP (Android, IOS)
  • 8 GB storage space
  • 5 Business Email accounts
  • Automated updates / upgrades
  • Hosted and Maintained by Us

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