Attendance Data Properly Processed at Your Office?

We use attendance software registers as a standard attendance system to track employees’ entry and departure times. The same system also records their leaves.

Don’t waste your time with paper registers. Biometrics can help you digitize your attendance and time management processes.

All the attendance and time data you require is available live. It’s updated every fraction of a second and synced 24/7. Web-based means authorized users can access the system via a regular internet browser. They can also view the data as they need.

Time records and paper-based registers can be difficult to keep track of and could quickly become lost. The time and attendance management software provide an easy way to track staff time, calculate payroll, and mark time-in/out. This system also provides accurate payroll inputs for precise computation.

Longtime offers software and hardware solutions to monitor the attendance and time of staff members. To mark time-in/time-out of staff members using fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and card reading, we offer time and attendance devices that can be placed at the office’s entrance. You can also check the time duration by checking the time-in/time-out of staff daily.

Time log attendance software automates the capture of data related to employee attendance and the hours worked. Based on information from the time and attendance management system, the wage of workers can easily be calculated and paid each month.

These are additional features to Time Log Software that can use in conjunction with attendance management.

1. Automated lunch deduction

 2. Data collection around the clock in/out

 3. Punch rounding (in/out).

 4. Electronic data transfer

 5. Hierarchy reporting

 6. Calculations for overtime

 7. Flexible reporting features

 8. Manual Entry into the discrepancy

 9. Employee scheduling

Reduce errors in attendance and payroll calculations by going paperless is here to help you.

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